Welcome to our page for undergraduates! We hope the information below will be of great use to you.


Study Guides

Physics GRE Study Materials – this provides you with information about the test, useful links, and study guides.

Learning Resources and More

arXiv.org – this is a fantastic source of e-prints on different topics in science and math – as well as in computation and finance. This is a place to find papers that your research professor published or will soon publish. The papers will become easier to read as you go on in your physics career. Don’t be afraid to read them!

Arxiv Blog – this is a fun, new blog run by GT SPS members who want to summarize papers in the arXiv so that they are more understandable. Each author will focus on different topics in the areas of astrophysics, biophysics, mathematical physics, nonlinear physics, nuclear physics, etc. Check weekly for updates!

The Physics Nucleus – this is a fantastic website for physicists and astronomers to find research and internship opportunities, scholarships,  and SPS chapters in the US. Research and internships opportunities become greater as the year approaches the spring semester. Most deadlines are usually around February and March.

Organizations and Conferences

CUWiP – this a conference for undergraduate women in physics and a great opportunity to meet people from other universities. GT has sent students to the one in the southeast region since the meetings are separated by regions. Besides networking, it is a growing experience since you have the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of being a physicist. There will be experts who talk about research, status of WiP, grad school, etc.  You can also present your own research. If you want more info about this meeting, feel free to contact Lorena about it.

APS – this is the American Physical Society. Make sure you become a member since it is free for undergraduates for one year; after that, the fees are small. Focus on the two biggest meetings: March and April. Imagine a huge gathering of some of the best physicists in the world. There are special sessions for undergraduates with free stuff, but you should also attend the talks. The 2015 April APS Meeting will be the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s General Relativity!

Links and Media

GT Society of Physics Students – this is their official website where you can find useful information on meetings, events, and notes on different topics.

GT SPS Facebook Group – you can join their Facebook group in order to meet members and ask questions on anything you’d like. This is a great tool since it will keep you informed on everything going on in the GT School of Physics.

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