Mentoring Program

As part of our mission of being inclusive to all females in the School of Physics, we have a mentoring program for undergraduate students to be paired up with graduate (or older undergraduate) students and professors or post docs that best align with their interests and needs.


The women in the group will set up individual appointments to meet that best suit the schedules or other requirements of everyone they are matched with. This may be lunch, or coffee, or any sort of small get together. In order to make this program the most effective, there are a few guidelines.

Responsibilities of Mentors:

  1. Confidentiality
    Mentees put trust in their mentors. They should be able to talk to them about any personal problems and concerns. Mentors then should not share any of this information unless the mentee gives permission. If the mentor does not feel capable of dealing with particular concerns, they may suggest other services such as the Georgia Tech Counseling Center or the Georgia Tech Student Health Services. Mentors may only consult someone either inside or outside of the department to help if the mentee allows it. However, upon discovering information of possible harm by the mentee to self or others, mentors have the obligation of reporting any information on this.
  2. Availability
    Mentors should be available by email and office appointments. It will be expected that each mentee-mentor group have one meeting together a month in whatever way they choose, most easily during normal work hours. Since things do happen and circumstances can arise, rescheduling meetings is permissible. Mentors may meet with their mentees more often if they like, but it should be discussed in the beginning how often and in what way they will meet.
  3. Commitment
    Mentors are expected to be committed to their mentoring for both the fall and spring semester (September-May). If a problem occurs and the mentor is no longer able to commit the times, she should contact the mentee and the WIP advisor as soon as possible so that the mentee can be set up with a new mentor.

Responsibilities of Mentees:

  1.  Goals
    What does the mentee want to get out of this relationship? Do they want someone that will help them network or do they care more about de-stressing? Mentees should be clear with their mentors about  their needs to know how best to use their mentor’s time.
  2. Communication
    The mentor relationship only works if the mentees also make an effort to communicate about they concerns, needs and experiences.
  3. Respect
    The mentors are hardworking people who are also very busy. Please make sure you respect them and their time.

If you are interested in participating in the mentoring program, please contact Krishma and fill out the survey (for mentors and mentees): Click Here!

Mentor/mentees will be paired up by early September. Deadline is September 13th at 11:59pm.

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